Bilfinger OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH

Quiet Rooms & Room acoustics

Quiet Rooms & Room Acoustics

Solutions for

  • Differentiation between quiet rooms and production halls
  • Sound reduction for Counter halls
  • Sound reduction in office wings
  • Sound reduction for conference rooms

Sound Proofing activities for new constructions and existing buildings

  • Acoustic ceilings
    Acoustic ceilings are fitted most frequently, where the sound sources are diffuse, thus cannot be located precisely, like in a counter hall, for example. Bilfinger OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH installs the acoustic ceiling below the existing ceiling. A quick and clean solution.
  • Absorber and Absorption body
    Absorbers are fitted in the room directly above the sound source, for example over the conference or work table in an open-plan office. They are discrete, unobtrusive sound absorption bodies, which hand suspended from the ceiling in most cases.
  • Acoustic Barriers
    Acoustic barriers can be produced and fitted in different heights. They need not necessarily have room height. Thus, they integrate discreetly into the office furniture and are hardly noticeable for the beholder.
  • The sound insulation screens
    The sound insulation screens are made of fibre glass with sound insulation membranes. They can reduce noise and unpleasant sounds. They are especially suitable for outdoor areas and restaurant businesses or for food centres inside of shopping centres.
  • Sound Insulation doors and gates
    We recommend sound insulation doors or gates to keep the noise out. The sound insulation doors can reduce road and construction noise, but also the noise immission of a production plant.