Heat Insulation

Innovations in insulation, covering low- to high-temperature ranges

Save energy, protect the environment and work safely!

Lost heat mean lost money. By offering you the right thermal insulation, we can help you cut your energy costs and make a major contribution to protecting the environment. In addition energy efficiency exerts a positive impact on production processes, reducing the strain on plants and repair requirements and, thus, improving your business performance appreciably. Furthermore, good thermal insulation contributes to a healthy interior climate, thus improving working and living conditions.

Depending on the specific requirements, different types of insulation materials are used. To this end, we provide customized encasement structures which we fabricate in our own workshops from steel and aluminum  of differing qualities and with differing surface structures.

Examples of services

  • Insulation for industrial, household and marine equipment
  • Boilers, filters, piping, equipment and plant components
  • Insulation for sewage treatment, such as digestion tanks
  • Ventilation systems
  • Turbocharger and gas turbines
    - Form-fitting mattress insulation for complex plant components such as turbines, turbocharger  and boilers or for use in tight spaces
    - Injection coating processes for moulded insulation for turbines operating at high temperatures
  • Metal cassettes
  • Mineral fibre blowing process

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