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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Precautionary fire protection protects lives and valuable assets. We provided made-to-measure fire protection solutions on the basis of the applicable statutory requirements to meet your specific needs.

Our fire protection solutions comprise solely tested and certified systems. Our specially trained fire protection experts assemble the systems designed to prevent fi re and smoke from spreading and keeping escape and rescue routes unobstructed.

In this way, the cost of damage and repairs as well as loss of production is minimized. On top of this, we offer numerous solutions for protecting supports and bearers from the effects
of critical temperatures. We apply the most frequently used coating systems such as Fendolite and Chartek.

Particular attention is paid to piping, tanks and valves containing combustible media as well as ventilation systems, cable channels and steel and concrete load-bearing structures.

Your contact persons for Fire Protection

Fire protection for Building construction

All Business Units
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Fire Protection for Civil and Underground Engineering

Business Unit Pforzheim
Telephone +49 7231 9626-0
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Fire Protection for Industry

Business Unit Hamburg
Telephone +49 (40) 25413365-0
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