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Consulting and Conception - TIPCHECK

Consulting and Conception - TIPCHECK

Insulation requirements for public buildings are very stringent and are prescribed by law in the Energy Savings Ordinance EnEV 2009. However, in the industrial sector there have hardly been any changes in 30 years in the thickness of insulation used.  By installing extensive modern insulation they are able to achieve considerable savings as a result of reduced energy consumption.

In addition to analyzing  the potential for boosting energy efficiency, TIPCHECK can also identify safety risks (personal protection) and technical defects such as corrosion. With TIPCHECK, you not only save energy and money but also enhance your plant availability.

What TIPCHECK means for you:

Meeting with the plant operator
Relevant plant data is collected, contact persons at the plant named and specific safety matters clarified.

Analysis of the existing situation
The insulation currently fitted to piping, valves and tanks including heat bridges is analyzed on site. Measurements are made by means of thermographic cameras; surfaces and refrigeration units are inspected using a humidistat.

Evaluation of data recorded and calculation of current thermal losses

The operating parameters and data measured is imported into our thermal calculation program and a report produced on each part of the plant examined including a report on heat bridges. The results are summarized and the total thermal losses identified are listed.

Proposal of improvements
Recommended improvements such as additional insulation, dismantling and re-assembly of the insulation with different strengths or reduction of heat bridges by means of suitable insulation systems are checked and evaluated. This is accompanied by amortization calculations.

Presentation of the results
The TIPCHECK report is presented to the customer and explained step by step.
Thus, the TIPCHECK not only analyses the actual situation but also provides a carefully calculated outlook specifying the savings which can be expected from optimized insulation.

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