The origins of Bilfinger OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH can be traced back to Otto Kienzle GmbH, founded in Pforzheim in 1928.

In 1999, this company became OKI Isoliertechnik – following a partial takeover by Rheinhold & Mahla AG.
In 2000 the company Babcock Sonderbau (BSB), which was originally a boiler construction firm operating under the name Babcock, was acquired by OKI Isoliertechnik and continued independently under the name BSB.

In July 2005, R&M WSI Neuhofen and R&M WSI Böblingen were taken over by OKI Isoliertechnik and fully integrated into the company.

In order to meet market requirements, in mid-2006 the R&M Group pooled its expertise in the areas of power-station insulation and service.

OKI Isoliertechnik then became R&M OKI GmbH, with its two operating companies R&M OKI Industrieservice GmbH and R&M OKI Insulation GmbH. The latter was formed through the merging of the technical division of OKI Isoliertechnik, BSB and the newly added R&M International.

With the acquisition of R&M AG by Bilfinger Berger AG (today Bilfinger SE), also in 2006, this was renamed Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services AG. The name R&M OKI GmbH became Bilfinger OKI GmbH, which included its two subsidiaries: Bilfinger OKI Industrieservice GmbH and Bilfinger OKI Insulation GmbH.

Due to strategical reasons, the two subsidiaries merged with the parent company in June 2008.  At the end of 2010 the parent company took over BIS Industrieservice Süd GmbH, Puchheim (near Munich), and  renamed as BIS OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH.

To strengthen its position on the market, the company integrated ISM Frankfurt in 2012.
The year after, the company renamed to Bilfinger OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH.

Since integrating Isoliertechnik North in 2014, the company enlarged its sphere of influence and is now working nationwide as your professional service Provider for Industrial Insulation.